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Hi folks.
Since, peoples are having troubles again downloading the torrent files with their favorite download managers. Previously, ZBIGZ was a great option for fellow geeks to directly download torrents. However, now it has reduced the free service and from now on you can download only torrents with less than 1 GB of size, else you've to buy the premium services for more.
So, I thought to share few alternatives of ZBIGZ and similar sites which have turned like pain in the a** now. :
Furk is a great alternative for torrent downloads. Since their servers are really fast and provide you good bandwidth for your downloads. They are also giving away the Bandwidth limit upto 250 GB/month. So you can go long with it. The average download speed I experienced with it is 600 kbps. Its worth giving a try. However you need to signup for but you can use your facebook which is very easy to go with.

Put drive is also a great site to download the torrents. I recently came to know about this site. It works similar to zbigz. Since its like a cloud down loader, it might be disliked by some folks. However you can download torrents being anonymous, and its also associated with companies like OziBox so you can get upto 100 GB Free cloud space upon registration.

Bruzzy: is a site similar to The only problem with this site is that it is hosted on Russian Server. So you have to use Google translator and you also need to have a Russian IP to download the files. The Russian IP issue can be resolved by using a good Proxy site, but the language problem will remain there.

File stream is also a great site for downloading the torrents. Its simple to sign up, upload your torrents, they'll be processed immediately and you're good to go.

Wyzo Browser:
Wyzo is not actually a site but a browser. Its a bit torrent integrated Firefox based browser which is capable to process the torrent files at the time of download. The only problem with this browser is that, its not open source, and you've to download the files by using the default download manager associated with the browser itself.

There are also other site which you can try like:

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