How to Identify Fake Profile on Facebook

Hi Folks,
In this article, I'm going to share few simple tips which will be helpful to identify whether facebook profile is a fake or real one.
Recently, I observe that most of the peoples are trying to hack facebook accounts by using fake profile.
However, sometimes revealing your secret information on facebook to random peoples may can harm your social life to a great extent, just in case you have any :P

1. Facebook Profile pic of celebrity / horny pic:
Closely observe the profile pic of the user. Mostly the profile pics is set as of some celebrity, any cartoon character or any random cartoon. Peoples also use horny pics to increase the facebook friend count list at a high rate.

2. Facebook Joined Date (current year):
Whenever you receive a random friend request, first check their account creation date. If its of the same year when you get the request, then most probably you should use ignore button to avoid it ;)

3. Friend list full of dick heads:
Check the friend list of the person, most probably it will be full of dick heads who are ready to accept any request from such kind of profile.

4. Horny status updates:
From fake profiles peoples mostly post horny status updates just to increase their friend list. Since, these posts are mostly public so you can easily drag down to their Facebook wall to analyze their activities.

5. Not a single Selfi / Single Photo album:
Since, there are some peoples on facebook who don't want to share their real pics which highly recommended anyway. However, peoples do post their real pic once in a while or get tagged by some friend. If you can't find a single selfi or tagged photo of the related person, then try to avoid such profiles.

6. Incomplete profile information:
These profiles also don't have enough information on their profile, like high school passed year, year of graduation, currently working at, current city etc.

7. Date of Birth as 1st January:
The biggest FATAL error with fake profiles is date of birth as 1st January. Do try to avoid peoples who want their Facebook wall get filled with Birthday as well as New Year greetings.

What to Do ?
If above methods are not able to clear the picture on any facebook profile, then you can always send messages like "Who is this ? OR Do I know you ? OR How do we know each other ?" just strictly avoid the friend request if you didn't get any satisfactory response.

Report Fake Profile:
If you accidentally accept any friend request or saw a fake profile of any person you know, On Facebook you can easily report any profile.
On the profile page by using small settings icon you can use "Report / Block Profile" option to report the fake profiles.

Keep Learning. Keep Rocking ;)
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