A note of Apology & Thanks to all the blog readers

Hi Folks,

Hope you all are doing great.

I've been inactive for quite a long time, as I was stuck in kind of messy corporate life which I never thought I'll join anytime soon.
I would like to thank, all my blog readers which are really appreciating / abusing (sometimes) :P my work and the articles over comments and emails.
Your feedback really means a lot to me.
I've become a really lousy writer recently, when I wrote the 3 article series on SQL Injection.
Even today when I read those articles, deep down in my heart I know they could've been a lot better.

I'm not gonna make a promise that in future I'll spend more time in blogging, or I'll do some more hacking tutorials, because...
I DON'T KNOW, where things are heading and how much focused I can be from here to the journey lies ahead.

I just want to say, THANK YOU all for your love, support and encouragement.

Keep Hacking. Keep Rocking :)
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